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Sixth Form Education

Welcome to Spencer Academies Trust’s Post-16 page. Across our six sixth forms, we are committed to providing the best possible education for young people as you embark on what will be the biggest transition of your life to this point.  

Our Trust offers sixth form provision across Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, with results in line with—and often better than—national averages. As our sixth forms are smaller than independent sixth form colleges, they are better equipped to deliver learning tailored to the student while still offering the same rigorous curriculum and variety of opportunities. 

This means:  

  • Tailored support for individuals—Help is always available from our dedicated student support teams, and students have opportunities throughout the year to meet one-on-one and review progress. 
  • Strong academic focus—The emphasis at Spencer sixth forms is always on learning, with challenging curriculum that encourages students to be independent learners. 
  • A supportive and sociable environment—Young people participate in a close-knit community built on strong KS4 and in-school foundations. 
  • Individual career guidance—No matter what path they take, students have access to professional support to help them make the right career choice. 
  • An established network of opportunity—Our Trust has built relationships with local employers and industry to create tailored work placement experiences and opportunity for students. 
  • Proven, measurable results—More than 95% of Spencer students successfully access the onward training, study or employment opportunity of their choice.