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Primary Education

We believe that children learn best when they are engaged in an exciting, creative and tailored curriculum. Spencer children are encouraged to love learning, and our teams provide the support to ensure that they are able to access the opportunities that they are given.

This means:

  • Creative lessons—The aim of our teachers is to deliver lessons that children enjoy and are engaged in, using creative curricula tailored to individual schools.
  • A focus on individual discovery—Varied curricula with built-in opportunities for exploration ensure that children have every opportunity to engage with the wide world around them.
  • A sense of belonging—Our educators ensure children feel proud of their achievements and sure of their place in the world, with clearly maintained boundaries and expectations.
  • Individual care and support—From Nurture provision for children who are feeling unsure or in need of extra support to learning that engages and challenges the more confident, every child is supported through their learning journey at a pace that matches their unique needs and ability.
  • A warm, stimulating environment—Our schools utilise the best available tools to support a range of activities and learning support within a classroom that is warm, friendly and caring.