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Secondary Education

Our secondary academies combine a culture of high expectations with a focus on aspiration, which supports students to deliver to the best of their ability. We follow a broad and balanced curriculum with a wide range of extra-curricular activities.

This means:

  • Well trained, highly resourced teachers—Our staff are ambitious for every student and encourage them to achieve to the best of their ability.
  • Clear, well-communicated expectations—We ensure that young people know what is expected of them, both in regards to behaviour and standards, creating an environment conducive to learning in school.
  • Varied enrichment and extracurriculars—Our secondary academies offer a variety of opportunities to explore sport, music, drama, the arts and more.
  • Strong community connections—We emphasise a culture of community involvement, ensuring families are fully connected with their children’s education and school life.
  • A culture of improvement without complacency—Young people at our secondary academies are provided with chances to grow and improve year after year and routinely challenged to push themselves.
  • Thoughtful, effective governance—Our academies strive to ensure that they exceed expectations and operate efficiently in the service of our students’ success.
  • Generous career support—Whether they choose to pursue university, apprenticeships or vocational training, every student receives a wealth of information and support to make the right choice for them.